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Buy Flat Section For Your New Home 03/02/2019

Hi All,

If you are thinking to buy a section for your new home I would strongly recommend that you search for a flat section because there could be a huge foundation cost difference between a flat and steep section.

Building Foundation For A New Home On Flat Section

If you build a new home on a flat section the construction cost of foundation for your new home will be relatively cheap.

You can just build a rib raft concrete foundation (concrete slab) overthere and its cost for the standard sized new home could be less than $40,000 – $50,000 (excluding GST and depending on the soil condition)  .

Below is the single storey new home Japan Homes recently built.

We just put a rib raft concrete foundation on the flat ground.

Solid, quick and very cost effective construction.

Photo after completion.

Foundation on A Steep Section

Building a new home on a steep site would be a different story.

It depends on how steep is the ground and how you design your new home, however, the foundation cost could be more than $80,000, $90,000 or even more than $100,000.

This is due to lots of earthwork and retaining wall required to support the foundation.

Example here.

This is not our project but my neighbor’s site.

Very steep.

So builders needed to excavate a large part of the site and built concrete block retaining wall around.

And it required lots of backfill that is also costy.

Foundation complete.

You see lots of concrete block wall had to be built.

In Summery, building foundation on a flat section is much easier, quicker and cheaper than a steep section so you should look for a section like this.

(Flat Bush Development Area)

Good Luck for your section search!!

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