• Tony Liu

Central Auckland New Home Project #1

Hi there,


We have an on-going new home project near New Market.

This is a large high-end 3-Storey residential building with a number of beautiful design features and I would talk about one of these Today.

Exterior Cladding

What is unique is that the cladding system is a mixture of 3 different types of  materials (see the drawing below)

  1. Weatherboad

  2. Alcobond (Metal Cladding)

  3. Plaster on Bricks

You see the mixed use of the different materials provides a stylish contemporary look.

Vertical Weatherboards With Different Profile in Each Board

Moreover, the vertical weatherboards have a unique feature that each board has a different width.

If you look closely into the part of the above photo marked in red you see each board has a different width.

Again this gives a contemporary look that is different from the traditional weatherboard work with all piece in the same size.

Although this type of weatherboard cladding can be a bit more expensive than normal weatherboard, this can be used for most types of residential building.

If you are interested in the way of our design please feel free to ask us any questions.

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  1. Weatherboad(ウエザーボード:NZで一般的な板材の外装)

  2. Alcobond (鉄板外装)

  3. Plaster on Bricks(プラスター仕上げ)