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  • Tony Liu

Cerebrating Project Completion

Hi All,

Thanks for visiting my blog today. (日本語の文章は下段にあります↓)

To celebrate the completion of our renovation project, we had an exiting party last night at the Japanese Restaurant BOWZ in Epsom.

Party To Celebrate Project Completion

We invited the owner of the property and our subcontractors who worked very hard to complete this project to the Japanese Restaurant BOWZ.

Through this project we experienced many things including dealing with the council, waterproofing problems with the front deck, structural change and many more.

But Japan homes has great subs who really work hard together in harmony to finish each stage of construction for our client, who is also very helpful so we finally mange to complete the whole project satisfactory for everyone.

We had delicious Japanese food, BINGO game and provided a  cerebration cake of the renovated house for the owner.

We enjoyed the party so much and really really appreciate our client for the opportunity for us to do this project and also our great subs!!!

Thanks a lot!!!




私達はこの住宅のオーナーと、とても一生懸命で共に働いてくれた下請け業者さんを招待しました。 この工事には様々な事を経験しました。 市役所との構造の変更やデザインについての折衝、テラスの防水の問題、その他にもたくさんの解決しなければならない事がありました。 しかし、オーナーさんの為に業者さん達がとても頑張って、私達と共に協調しながら、一歩一歩工事を進行していき、またオーナーさんも非常に協力的だったおかげで、皆が満足出来る結果になりました。



本当にありがとうございました!! Amazon Okuchi

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