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Choosing Plants for Your New Home Garden by Season 🌻

When you acquire a new home, planning the garden and exterior design becomes an exciting next step. To create a beautiful garden, choosing plants according to the seasons is crucial. In this post, we'll introduce how to select plants for each season—spring, summer, fall, and winter—and recommend some ideal choices.

Spring: The Season of New Beginnings

Spring is the season when plants start to sprout and grow.

Selection Tips: Choose plants that are hardy and bloom in early spring.

Recommended Plants:

  • Tulips: Their vibrant colors add charm to any garden. Plant the bulbs in autumn to enjoy their blooms in spring.

  • Daffodils: Known for heralding the arrival of spring, they are easy to care for.

  • Hellebores: Blooming from late winter to spring, they provide long-lasting beauty.

Summer: A Season of Vibrant Colors

Summer is when plants grow most vigorously.

Selection Tips: Opt for plants that can withstand the heat and produce vivid blooms.

Recommended Plants:

  • Lavender: Offers beautiful purple flowers and a relaxing fragrance.

  • Sunflowers: Symbolic of summer, their large yellow blooms brighten up any garden.

  • Petunias: Known for their vibrant colors, they continuously bloom and add a festive feel to summer gardens.

Fall: A Season of Warmth

Fall brings beautiful foliage and a calm atmosphere.

Selection Tips: Select plants that thrive in cooler weather and reflect the autumnal ambiance.

Recommended Plants:

  • Cosmos: Their delicate blooms sway gracefully in the autumn breeze.

  • Pansies: These flowers bloom from fall to spring, maintaining garden color throughout the cooler months.

  • Asters: Offering a variety of colors, they are a staple for fall gardens.

Winter: A Season of Serenity

Winter is a time when most plants are dormant, but some can still bring color to your garden.

Selection Tips: Choose plants that are hardy and provide color during the colder months.

Recommended Plants:

  • Heather: Heather is a shrub that produces small bell-shaped flowers in winter, commonly in pink or purple. It is cold-tolerant and brightens up the winter garden.

  • Cyclamen: Popular for indoor winter blooms, they are relatively cold-resistant.

  • Winterberry: Produces red berries in winter, adding a splash of color to the garden.

  • Mahonia: Mahonia is an evergreen shrub that produces yellow flowers in winter and is highly cold-tolerant. After flowering, it bears dark blue berries.

By thoughtfully selecting plants according to the season, you can enjoy a beautiful garden year-round. As you settle into your new home, consider choosing seasonal plants to create your dream garden. A garden filled with the right plants for each season will undoubtedly become a healing and enjoyable space for the whole family.

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