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Consider Cost and Time at Resource Consent Stage 17/03/2019

Hi All,

The recent trend is that there are many customers who are thinking to subdivide their own land and build new residential buildings. It is necessary to acquire a resource consent (= RC) in order to do land subdivision.

Things Commonly Happen At RC Stage

Many companies do not spend much time, energy or money on preparing good plans for RC application.

Therefore, at the time of a building consent design (= BC) which is the post process of RC, It takes time for them to correct errors and develop details that should have been considered at the RC stage.

Common errors found in the BC stage often relates to Height In Relation To Boundary, too much construction costs, room layouts and access to new building.

(Example of Concept Design)

Japan Homes’ Way of RC Design

We always try to solve potential important issues at the RC stage including:

  1. Cost reduction

  2. Time saving (Whole design and construction process)

  3. Reduce potential construction issues

More serious issues are dealt with earlier stage (RC stage) so our client normally sees less issues at a later stage (BC stage).

This is our way of work.


1 Grasp the whole project cost including RC/BC fees, Subdivision costs, New Home construction costs, Landscaping cost and Contingency

2. Time management. It is important to understand the entire timeframe and to have contractors keep on the track.

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