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Council Final Inspection Passed At One Time!! 26/05/2019

Hi there,

We have passed the Council final inspection for a house extension project in West of Auckland only at one time which is the first time for us to experience.

Here is our site before the final inspection:

Normally, it takes a few times to complete the final inspection because Council inspectors pick up tiny issues on site and ask us to fix them before the inspection passes so we are very pleased with the outcome.

This means that our site management system has been improved.

For example, we have developed Final Inspection Checklist based on our previous experience of inspections and we used this to prepare the site for the inspection.

(Final Inspection Checklist)

Of course, there have been significant contributions from our subs who have done very good work and always tried to keep the project on time.

We really appreciate their hardwork and glad to have such good contractors around us.

Their quality work helped us to pass the final inspection smoothly.

Also the owner is very helpful that she always offers a help and make decisions regarding construction very quickly for us.

Thanks to them this 100m2 extension project has been done in only 4 months.

Cheers everyone!!

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