• Tony Liu

DESIGN & BUILD & Maintenance Part 1

It is very advantageous to make home design and construction and maintenance consistently with one construction company.


The company is like a home doctor who knows all the history of your family and understand the family’s condition.

Such a doctor is called GP in New Zealand, and usually each family has their own GP.

The company like Japan Homes keeps watching your home to quickly specify the cause of a problem with a part of your house and fix it properly before it becomes too serious that needs a lot of cost.

As a designer and builder we will become very happy if we can start everything from scratch.

A  house is an art which is a combined form of various materials and elements.

Our job is to feel which building element needs to be what shape and where.

Like a sculptor of Buddhist statues who is just to find out a shape of Buddha in a piece of wood, not creating the shape, we will find the best shape that already exists in building elements for your home.

The mind set of “I create” does not work.

There is already a shape in there so what you need to do is just to feel and find it.

We Japan Homes do not intend to design a spectacular home like a party dress but do intend to design you home like a jeans pants that you wear everyday.

Nice simple design, comfortable, functional, easy maintenance, long lasting and all the details are well made.

This is an essence of the Japanese style design and build to let you stay at your home comfortably for life time.


まるでかかりつけの医者が1人いて長年、その住宅のことを理解している存在です。 ニュージーランドではそういう医者をGPと呼び、通常は各家庭で特定のGPを決めている。

数年前にここの箇所の調子がわるかったので、こうなったとか、 あそこの部分が原因でこうなったとか、がわかりやすいですし、 メンテナンスである予防治療のアドバイスをしっかりと行う。 メンテナンスをすることで大きな追加工事をしなくてもよいという利点もある。

創るほうの人間としても、デザインから始められることは、嬉しさがまったく違います。 自分達のデザインがこの世の中で存在し、いつでもだれでも見れますからね。