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Did you know ? Auckland floods, Cyclone Gabrielle to cost insurance..

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Auckland floods, Cyclone Gabrielle to cost insurance industry more than $1b

Neary 50,000 claims have been made since the recent catastrophe in Auckland and the upper north island. Insurers are in this for the long term and these are the worst of times for many of us and it’s important that people seek out any help they need. Talking to your insurer is the starting point.

Insurance is there to help you and give you the best benefit that you can get so do get in touch and make the claim. If necessary, talk to a legal advisor/lawyer and see where you stand. Here are some insights and tips for you to know !

  • Collect the evidence(photos regularly)

  • What if the insured home itself is not damaged but the surroundings (houses may fall, landslide)are damaged and are in high risk--talk to your lawyer as insurance generally cover when it is damaged

  • The cost to prevent the further can be covered - for example if your house was flooded and needed to hire the dehumidifier to dry it. In this case, this cost of hiring can be claimed.

  • Be aware that the initial damage can be covered by insurance but the damages caused gradually afterwards is to your responsibility to prevent as it cannot be covered. - for example if the roof was blown away the roof restore is covered but the damage caused by keeping the roof open and inside exposed will not. You do need to look into the policy you have and try and understand before you assume it's ok!!

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