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Exterior cladding

Cladding is when one material is applied to cover the external structure of the building.

Good cladding will protect a building’s structure from natural elements like wind and rain but it can have other benefits, such as, insulation, and it can boost the aesthetic appeal of a building.

Today we will introduce some exterior cladding materials.

70 Series brick

70 series brick is the most economical product of brick cladding, there are several sizes but the wide is all 70mm.

There are two popular brands in New Zealand- Midland Brick and Brickery. And we also order our bricks from these two companies.



Brick cladding is High durability and require less maintenance compared to weatherboard cladding. The natural thermal insulating properties moderate the extremes in building temperatures.

However, Brick houses require careful construction as well as involving professionals (licensed bricklayer).

If you don’t need painting on bricks, we can save money there.

Dark color bricks are cool, but more cleaning (water blastering etc) will be needed to keep the looking.

Below is a house with 70 series brick cladding, built by Japan Homes Ltd.

James Hardie Stria

More and more architects are using James Hardie cladding for a modern Façades.

Stria and Axon are two popular choices.

Unlike weatherboard, which is made from timber, JH stria cladding more commonly made from fibre cement sheets.

Stria Cladding is a durable, low maintenance cladding that can be painted any colour.

There are three styles of stria cladding- Horizontal application, Vertical application and Mixed application.

Product size is Thickness: 14mm, Length: 4200mm, Width: 405mm.

Visit James Hardie website for more information.

(Mix application of stria panel, Image from James Hardie website)

James Hardie Axon

Are you looking for a cladding with vertical lines and the smooth finish that can create a clean and distinctive design look? Axon panel is the one.

Same as Stria panel, Axon is also made from fibre cement sheets.

Axon Panel can be used in residential or commercial applications wherever a modern design is required.

There are two finishes, Smooth (133mm and 400mm) and Grained(133mm).

Smooth Size: Thickness: 9mm, Length: 2450mm, 2750mm or 3000mm, Width: 1200mm

Grained Size: Thickness: 9mm, Length: 3000mm, Width: 1200mm.

Visit James Hardie website for more information.

(Image from James Hardie website)

Timber Weatherboard

Timber weatherboard is an economical product and widely used in residential projects. In New Zealand timber cladding has been used for over 100 years.

Timber weatherboard is very popular but is probably the least durable option. Even if timber cladding is painted or sealed, it still carries a risk of spreading fire.

Timber cladding requires regular painting or staining to preserve its natural beauty and protect it from the elements.

There are many types of timber weatherboards: bevel back, shiplap etc..

Below is a house with Bevel Back timber weatherboard cladding, built by Japan Homes Ltd

In this photo, the corner type is Soaker. If you prefer more tidy looking or classic looking with white paint, we can use Box corner.

Linea weatherboard

Linea weatherboard provides traditional weatherboard look, more specifically, villa-style weatherboards.

Like other James Hardie materials, Linea weatherboard also make of fibre cement, which make it Resistant to fire, rot resistant and resistant to moisture damage.

Below is a house with 70 Linea weatherboard cladding, built by Japan Homes Ltd.

Cedar cladding

Cedar is a high-spec cladding, its natural looks and texture have many attractive features.

Cedar is popular but also more expensive compared to other timber cladding. Plus, Cedar requires regular maintenance in the form of repainting or re-staining more often.

Below is a house with cedar cladding (upper floor), built by Japan Homes Ltd.

Metal cladding (Espan)

Metal cladding are most commonly using aluminum or steel. Steel is more expensive and more durable.

Metal cladding is durable and strong, comes in a range of alternatives to create an individual look and character.

It also has low maintenance requirements and no need for painting.

For more information, you can visit here:

Below is a house with Espan cladding, built by Japan Homes Ltd.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding can be made of natural stone or a stone veneer. Both impart a long-lasting, natural look to a range of projects.

The system consists of a natural stone veneer using pre-chosen and prepared elements of natural quarried stone. Provides a high level of insulation, which can therefore keep heating and cooling costs down.

Stone cladding is easy to maintain long-term and it is also weather and fire resistant.

But stone cladding must be installed by a professional, so the cost is also higher.

Below is a house with Stone column, built by Japan Homes Ltd.


Alucobond is a light aluminum composite material, which has been widely used in commercial and some residential projects.

Alucobond offers a wide colour range, excellent fire performance and proven long-term durability, which makes it a popular choice for architects and designers.

However, the cost is also relatively high.

Below is a house with Alucobond cladding(white), built by Japan Homes Ltd

We can provide professional advice for exterior cladding to help you find the right one for your precious new house.

Please feel free to contact us at 0800 00 5055 and book a free consultation. Chinese language is available.

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