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Five New Home + Subdivision Project 15/06/2019

HI all,

Thanks for your time.

We have a new construction project going on in East of Auckland.

5 Lot New Home Project

This is a 5-New Home construction on subdivision as the below image shows.

The land is subdivided and there will be 5 small but well designed homes on it.

  (Lot 1 Floor Plans)

The civil work has been complete and we Japan Homes have just started to build these new homes at the moment.

The civil contractor and our clients are so nice that the site is perfectly set up for the new home build which makes our work so much easier than otherwise.

Foundation work is going on these days.

Since last year we have had 4 subdivision projects including this, another project is about to start also in East of Auckland and a few more new projects are waiting for us.

From each project we gain experience to improve our system for faster and smoother construction (Kaizen).

I will update the progress of this project later.

Thank you for reading

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