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Founding JAL (Japan Architect Love)

The goal of Founding JAL was to introduce Japanese design to the world, and Japan Homes has been constructing homes in New Zealand for the past 15 years. Director Mickey is impressed by the skill and charisma of their designers and hopes to expand their customer base in New Zealand. Despite not having a formal design education, Mickey's experience as a carpenter and builder has given him a deep understanding of the field, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Rather than solely focusing on design, the team at Japan Homes prioritizes customer satisfaction. In New Zealand, obtaining a design permit is often the end goal, regardless of the quality of the design. However, Japan Homes believes in taking a more comprehensive approach to architecture by considering factors such as building costs, layout, storage, and maintenance to ensure that customers receive a home that meets all of their needs. While these aspects may have been overlooked in the past, Japan Homes is working to change this mindset and create homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional.

Having stated that, Mickey in New Zealand have established JAL, which stands for Japan Architect Love. The design spirit of Japan is deemed exceptional worldwide, and even Mickey Mouse himself desires to maximize it. It would be wonderful to be involved and make contributions in other countries. Location is not a determining factor in design.

JAL's "L" encompasses the following:

Love - love

Logic - logic, logical, rational

Lucky - lucky

Legend - legend


Lucent - shining, shining, transparent

Lasting - perpetual, perpetual

Liberty - freedom, openness.

The intangible holds great worth in today's world!

Culture, comprising of an organization's values, takes the first spot.

Next up is the importance of individuals who possess independent thinking capabilities.

Lastly, money gains significance based on how efficiently it is utilized.

How intriguing!

If you're inclined towards action, let's collaborate ♪ Kindly reach out to us ♪

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