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Future Plan

Hi there

After working in the construction industry for over 15 years, I would like to share some of my thoughts and ideas.

I love the construction industry

because lots of people have a very simple life and not too much snoring. However, most of the people are not well planned, not considerate, etc.

That’s why there are lots of problems in this industry.

Actually this industry contributes a lot to GDP, but really poor productivity for the past 100 years and almost the same nowadays.

I called this world 3D




So what I want is to set up a great system and then support people in this industry.

Such as

/ Improve Operation system

( Support current company, all director same, everyone suffers the same problem )

/ Set up Business

( I want to support new passion people in this industry )

/ Land Development support

/ Funlife Planner support

/High-Quality Japanese Products introduced to another company or country.

This project I work with a big company in Japan and the University of AKL as well.

We are in the start-up stage and I need someone to look after this company.

As much as we can, we can do it online, which is easier and faster.

Once we achieved something in NZ, we will go to the world.

And more exchange culture and technology.

I love this word so much.

We should do something for society, not only for your small world.


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