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GAS or Electricity For Hot Water Supply? 09/02/2019

Hi everyone,

There are two major options for residential hotwater heating system:

  1. Gas continuous flow

  2. Electric hot water cylinders

I am going to describe the pros and cons of these systems to help you decide which one to go when you build a new home or do renovation.

Gas continuous flow


  1. Good option if you already use reticulated gas for space heating, and want to continue this

  2. The heating system is installed outside. No space is required inside (this is a big advantage for a limited sized home)

  3. Endless hotwater supply.

Be Careful

  1. you will have to pay a fixed charge for reticulated gas supply (if you don’t already)

  2. If gas mains are not nearby your property LPG bottles are needed and space outside is required for these (Normally outside a garage)

  3. while burning gas is relatively clean, the greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change

  4. though the hot water never runs out, using more than you need is a waste of money, water and energy

Electric hot water cylinders


  1. Relatively low upfront cost (compared to the cost for making a new gas connection to mains)

  2. Outside space is not required for GAS bottles

Be Careful

  1. Hotwater supply may stop if it is used too much in a short period of time

  2. Running cost can be expensive

We often recommend GAS to our clients because it can save space inside and no risk for running out of hotwater.

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