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Japan Homes Bathroom Plans

Hi there

During the lockdown period, all Japan Homes team members are working at home. This is a good time for us to have online meetings and discuss how we can improve the way we work.

For those who are familiar with Japan Homes may already know, we will provide bathroom plans for each project. We believe the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, a fully functional and beautiful bathroom can greatly improve your home’s overall appeal and value.

The main propose of the bath plan is to show the clients about bathroom items( vanity, shower box ext)location so that clients will have a clear picture of what the bathroom will be. Also, the bath plans help subcontractors to understand and build bathrooms faster on-site.

We have gained much experience in bathroom design over the last few years. For small bathrooms, we always try to maximize the space to make sure the design can meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Please have a look at one of the small bathrooms we designed before. This is a long and narrow bathroom layout.

Another one is a typical square bathroom layout, we need to consider the shower box size and shower box door opening when doing the bathroom design.

Many clients are interested in our Japanese bathroom design, please see the Japanese bathroom of a compleated project in last year. The owner is quite impressed by this bathroom design.

We will update more about bathroom design and bathroom plans later.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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