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Japan Homes General System Meeting

Hi All

As the lockdown continues, we had a good online meeting today. This is also a study meeting for new staff to understand our company policy and to increase their levels of skill and knowledge.

Company director Mickey introduced 5S principle, which is also known as Toyota system Workplace Golden Rule.

  1. 1. Sort outRemove unnecessary items from each area

  2. 2. Straighten (set in order)Organize and identify storage for efficient use

  3. 3. Scrub (clean)Clean and inspect each area regularly

  4. 4. Standardize

Incorporate 5S into standard operating procedures

  1. 5. Sustain and continuously improvement

Assign responsibility, track progress, and continue the cycle

5S is important for everyone and will save big time and cost if everyone can follow this principle.

Another Japanese industrial  principle is 5 MUDA(5 waste)

  1. 1. Waiting (delays)

  2. 2. Defects (rework)

  3. 3. Motion (people and equipment)

  4. 4. Movement

  5. 5. 2nd Disasters

And we discussed how to avoid this 5 MUDA by improving communication between all parties involved. Also, we should try to do great preparation, make sure all the necessary tools and materials will be ready on time, try to fix the problem before it turns into 2nd disaster.

We will provide regular study meetings for our staff to keep improve their skills, knowledge and work attitudes.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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