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Japan Homes General System Meeting 2

Hi All

I hope you are doing ok.

We had another Japan Homes general system meeting this week.

This time, we talked about Action plan which contains below 8 items. This is another Japan Homes work system that will help all the staff to improve and get better.

  1. Cheerful Greeting

  2. Nice & tidy

  3. Do basic

  4. Thank all advice

  5. Copy first

  6. Keep promise

  7. Think others

  8. All positive

I believe people can understand most of these. In this article, I will focus on Top3 items.

Cheerful greeting

Cheerful greeting not only means you smile and say hello to your colleagues or everyone you meet. More importantly, it represents a positive attitude. We believe your attitude determines the state of the world you live in.

Nice & tidy

It is important to keep the office, computer, or even the car clean and tidy.

A clean and tidy work environment looks appealing to any potential clients because it will shows confidence and creates trust and leaves the clients with the impression of efficiency and strong attention to detail.  Also, a tidy work environment implies superior, quality products and services.

Do basic

For those who are familiar with Japan Homes may already know about do basic before, this is one of the fundamental theories we all have to follow.  It sounds simple, but it’s really not easy to achieve it.

For us, do basic means we have to try our best to finish everyday tasks on time, also keep looking for improvements to our working system.

After meeting, everyone listed up their own do basic items and their 2020 aims. We will work together and build more comfortable and affordable houses for Auckland people!

Thanks for reading.

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