• Tony Liu

Japan Homes Northshore New Home Project #1

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We have several new home projects in Northshore and one of these is going to be complete soon.


New Minor Unit Dwelling

This new brick-wall minor unit is located near Wairau Park and its construction begun in last September.

This is now at the final finishing stage.

The kitchen and bathroomwares have been installed; tiling and flooring have been also done.

Our Plan

Because of being a minor unit the floor area is only 60m2.

However, we still wanted this to be a comfortable home for a small family to stay.

So we designed:

  1. Relatively large and functional open plan kitchen, dinning and lounge for this size of residential building

  2. Large and functional kitchen

  3. Enough Storage (kitchen pantry, Storage and Wardrobes)

  4. Multi-purpose outside deck for hanging up washings, a play spot for kids, outside cooking (BBQ), etc.

If you are interested in building a new minor unit like this please feel free to contact.

We can provide a free skype consultation.



グラニ-フラット(Minor Unit Dwelling)新築

この新しいレンガ造りのグラニーフラットは、Wairau Parkの近くにあり、昨年9月に建設が始まりました。