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Japan Homes Standard Specifications

Hi there,

We have updated our standard specifications for our home build and now you can check these on our website.

Today I would like to tell you how is our specs different from most construction companies’ specs in NZ.

Japan Homes Standard Specifications

Point 1: We Provide Best Finishing and Fixtures From Our 12-Year Experience

For years we have researched what are the best fittings and finishing details for our clients home in term of their quality, functionality, cost, work and installation time, availability, warranty and impact on the environment, and finally confirmed our best selections in 2017.

whole kitchen image

Point 2: We Provide Japanese Style Interior

For example, we can provide Japanese style Bathroom (Ofuro).

Japanese bathrooms are wet-rooms, so you can spray the water everywhere with careless abandon. Small kids often give water splash everywhere but you do not worry about that.

In Japan, we take a bath to warm up the body everyday for health and relaxation. This Japanese bathroom style is still rare in NZ, but it’s our standard.

Another example is the Japanese Style Entrance (Genkan)

GENKAN refers to the house entrance in Japanese and is the face of a house and very important from a Feng Shui point of view because it is through the main entrance that the house absorbs its main feng shui energy nourishment. A Japanese entryway is combined of a porch, an outward-opening door and shoecase. Likewise many Kiwis, the Japanese takes off shoes before entering a house. The outward open door is very convenient because it can provide more usable floor space inside around the door and the inside space will get less wet when rain.

An entrance wardrobe provided for storing your shoes, jackets, umbrellas or any other necessary things A small bench to help you put on / take off shoes. This is especially good for young kids and elderly people A mirror on the wardrobe for checking yourself before go out.

Point 3: Earthquake Resistance – Gamma brace + Plasterboard brace –

Japan Homes’ timber framed houses are built with plasterboard bracing which complies with Building Code but we add extra Gamma braces to your home for greater quake resistance.

The GAMMA Bracing System is the ONLY “Code Mark” Certified System in New Zealand

(Gamma Braces)

We also use plywood roof underlay system that acts as a roof bracing system and increases earthquake resistance.

In addition, almost no insects, Birds any other dust come into the roof space and more quiet inside when rain than no plywood underlay.

Point 4: Strong After Sales Services

Our fittings, fixtures and finishing work come with warranties.

For the main structure of your home we provide the 10-Year Master Builders Guarantee For New Homes, Extension and Renovation.

Also we provide free annual inspections for your home.

Please look at our website for more info about our specs.

Thanks for reading.











ニュージーランドでは、このような浴室は非常に少ないですが、Japan Homesではご希望のお客様に提供させて頂いております。





ポイント3:耐震構造 -ガンマブレースと石膏ボードブレース-



Certificate for The GAMMA Bracing System

(Gamma Brace)












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