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Japan Homes & Sustainability

The United Nations’ (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs has published 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help address global challenges. The implementation of sustainable development strategy has to through the efforts of all fields, as well as the concrete actions of each person, the construction field is no exception. As a growing company, we are responsible for planning and doing our methods for the world and New Zealand.

Sustainable Green Buildings

With the increasing popularity of the concept of green life, people begin to aspire to live and work happily in green buildings, but what kind of building is considered "green"?

Especially, in here New Zealand, Kiwis tend to care about the earth more than the other countries.

Japan Homes is following the concept of “Green Buildings”, From the production, construction and use of building materials to the demolition of buildings, the whole life cycle is managed in accordance with the 3R principle of production and operation, that is reduction, reuse, and

recycling (resource utilization). This is linked to our basic mind of KAIZEN system. Therefore, our company is trying to minimize the overall impact on the environment and the consumption of resources. We are committed to providing customers with healthy, suitable and efficient use of space, and buildings that live in harmony with nature.

Japan Homes’ Specs – Wool Carpets

New Zealand is a sheep country that lives among sheep.

As one of our sustainability missions, Japan Homes cooperates with New Zealand local company to use 100% pure wool carpets which produced in New Zealand. This optional spec is to use 100% pure wool carpets to replace with the standard Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN). Because no chemicals in the sheep world! Wool is a kind of natural animal fiber, warm and comfort feeling, higher wear resistance, longer lifetime. In additional, its thick texture can better reduce the noises, anti-static and fire resistant. The surface of the wool is scaly, which helps to regulate humidity by naturally absorbing and releasing moisture. The important point is that wool carpet is a 100% sustainable product. The wool protein fiber is recyclable and biodegradable.

Gender Equality & Diversity

JAPAN HOMES is also observing the United Nations gender equality in sustainable development. We have already hired more than 50 percent of female employees since 2019, and that number is still growing. Because construction needs a lot of attentions to details and multi-task skills, we work with talented and dedicated staffs, and try the best balance of diversity. The most important thing is to understand and lead each staff's strength and allocate them best suitable roles and responsibilities to maximize the outcome as a team and personal growth. So everyone can enjoy the works and development in Japan Homes.

JAPAN HOMES will keep discussing and challenging more things for the Sustainability.

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