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Kaizen-Japan Homes Company Culture

Hi All

Hope you are safe and sound.

Today is day 8 of the COVID-19 lockdown and all of Japan Homes members are working at home.

I will introduce kaizen, also known as Continuous Improvement system, which has been one of the key points of Japan Homes company culture.

Normally Kaizen approach can use the PDCA Cycle- Plan Do Check Act.  These are the four steps you should take to improve yourself in the Kaizen way.


At this stage, people will start to plan what needs to be improved.

  1. Identify the problem and Identify needs and opportunities

  2. come up with possible solutions

  3. Set expectations

  4. Define your basic plan to meet the needs


Once the plan is decided, it is time to take action.

  1. Identify who and how people are responsible and affected

  2. Develop procedures, processes, and tools

  3. Develop and provide training to the people involved

  4. Follow the procedures, processes, and tools


This stage is quite important, you need to pay attention to the CHECK phase and see if the plan is actually working

  1. Assess the performance

  2. Did things work as planned and as expected

  3. Try to find any “root” causes

  4. Determine corrective actions


If everything seems perfect then you can proceed and apply your proposed plan.

  1. Determine if anything needs to be changed

  2. Identify any adjustments

  3. Determine if we stay with the current plan

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe!

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