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Long Run Metal VS Asphalt Shingle Roofing 22/02/2019

Hi all

Long Run Metal Roofing and Asphalt Shingle are the two major roofing materials for our new homes.

I am going to describe the pros and cons of these materials.


Advantages -Cheaper to install than Long Ran Metal Roofing -Easy & Quick Installation → Shorten your new home construction period -Solid plywood underlay provides strength to the building and weathertightness -Quiet → Not noisy when rain hitting the roof

-Dents to be unlikely to happen

-Low Maintenance

-Raccoons, Rodents, Pests, and Wild Animals Proof → No gap between each asphalt tile and plywood underlay does not allow them to enter inside the roof

(Asphalt Shingle Construction)

Disadvantage -Not highly eco friendly. Asphalt is a semi-solid form of petroleum. -Can be damaged in extremely cold weather → does not really matter in mild climate in Auckland

(Sample Colors Of Asphalt Shingle)

Metal Long Run Roofing

Advantages -Minimum Roof Angle 3-5 Degree → help to keep the roof height low to comply with Building Height Restriction in some cases -Moss- and Fungus-Proof -Ecofriendly. Can be recycled

-Fire Resistance

Disadvantages -Easy to be scratched → need coating on the scratched part otherwise rust may happens -Easy to be dent → Hard to avoid dents during construction when builders and roofers need to move on the roof -More expensive to install than Asphalt Shingle -Little Noisy → Rain hitting the roof or the expansion and contraction of metal roof panels can create noise on the metal roof

(Sample Colors of Metal Roofing)


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