• Tony Liu

Lounge Design Options To Suite Your Lifestyle

Hi there,

For new home design Japan Homes provides several design options for you to choose to suite your lifestyle.


Examples Of Lounge Design Options

We are currently designing a double story multi-generation house (290m2 floor area) in Northshore where a large family can stay together.

Site Plan

Lower Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Because there is some space available in the red marked area we provide several design options for our client to choose to meet their needs.

OPTION 1 – Tatami Space 

This is our most recommended option.

We put tatami mats on the platform to create the space which add Japanese taste to the lounge to create unique living atmosphere.

The client may want to invite their friends to their home and have Japanese tea on the tatami space.

Also small kids love tatami because it is soft, smells good and feels very nice; an ideal space for them to play.

OPTION 2 – Benchseats

If they regularly invites adult gusts this may be the best option.

The house owner and their guests can stay in the benchseats to enjoy chatting in a relaxed manner.

The kitchen is close so snacks and drinks are easily provided.

OPTION 3 – Large Storage

This option enables it to store a large amount of things.

If the family has various types of hobby that require many tools or equipments, or just have lots of things to store this will be a good option.

OPTION 4 – Common Study

This option will be great for family members to have various activities using a large table together with the other family members such as reading, playing cards, playing computer games, drawing or craft making. This will be a nice place for the mom or dad to help their kids do school assignment.