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Meaning of Construction Company 02/03/2019

Hi all,

A while ago the Master Builder Association (MBA), which I am a member of, asked me for my feedback to improve their business and activity.

My reply was that although they provide highly attractive and promoting events such as The House Of The Year they should use more of their resources for people to have more trust and feel more secure in them and their members like us.

I have heard of a few builders have gone bankrupt which may harm trust and security from people.

My idea is that MBA should create the evaluation system that can visualize how secure is each builder company so that potential customers can easily see if a particular builder could be trusted or not.

We Japan Homes are selling not just building but our culture of building that can last for hundreds of years.

Our guarantee is not just the 10 Year Master Builder guarantee but 10 years of customer-smile guarantee.

For customers to feel secure with and trust builders, we need to improve our performance such as:

  1. Quality of Service

  2. Quickness of Service

  3. Cost of Service

These directly affect customer satisfaction and we can evaluate each builder company’s performance on these parameters:

  1. Communication between the company’s staff and client, and between them and SUBs

  2. Cleanliness of Construction Site

  3. Preparation for Construction

  4. Quickness of Work (Does the company intend to reduce financial load on their client such as home loan interest by reducing construction duration?)

  5. Maintenance services

  6. Customer satisfaction

If these are all visualized customers could be more confident about their builders’ performance and builders also could know which part of their business needs to improve.

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