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Monthly Market Report (Investor's point of view)

Here are the key points from this month's survey, which had 324 responses from investors:

- Many investors find it easy to find good tenants, with a net 27% reporting this, the second strongest result ever recorded.

- Interest in buying new properties or building in their own development is decreasing among investors.

- 22% of respondents are considering buying a property in the next year, unchanged from February.

- 30% are thinking about selling in the next year, down slightly from February.

- Net buying intentions among existing investors remain negative at -8%, but it's an improvement from previous months.

- Most investors plan to keep their properties for an extended period, with only 8% planning to sell within a year.

- The majority plan to hold their properties for at least ten years or never sell, showing a slight increase from the previous month.

- More potential buyers are interested in existing properties rather than new ones. Interest in developing properties themselves has declined, while interest in buying new properties built by others is decreasing.


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