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Moving Your House

Hi all,

One of our clients in the central Auckland asked a house moving company to move out their existing house from their property to build a new home.

The company is going to place the house at another place for reuse.

Moving The Old House

The company first removed the existing foundation of the house on site and put it on their customized trailer.

It was very interesting to see because in my experience houses were something that cannot be moved.

But they actually can move here in New Zealand.

The workers took a few hours to carefully place the house on the trailer.

Now it is ready to go.

However, because of a high rate of traffic on public road at that time (Wednesday afternoon) they just let the house stay there until the early morning of the next day.

They finally moved the house away at 3AM next day.

I am not sure if the house hit something on its way to the destination due to its size but I think it should be no problem at all because the workers are professionals.

Here is the site after the house is gone.

The company can move a single story house up to 11m wide, depending on the site condition where the house sits.

If your house is in very good condition and easy to remove it will be possible that a house removal company takes your house for free or even you can make some money by selling it to them.

This is good because you can save a cost (a few thousands of dollars) to demolish your house.

So if you want to replace a single story house with new one this is the option that you should think about first.

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