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My Article On Gekkan NZ!!

Hi All

My article about home renovation is on the 267 edition of Gekkan NZ, the most common Japanese free-paper journal in NZ.

In the article I talk about home renovation and pick up a few very important things for those who are thinking about buying an old house and “do up” including:

  1. Dont buy a closs-lease property (you might need a permission from the other owner for renovation)

  2. Check signs of waterleaking (if the roof/wall is leaking it can be a very costy for fixing)

  3. Check if exterior cladding needs to be extensively repaired (you might need to get Building Consent for the repair)

I also mention some key points for old house renovation. For example, you might want to think about changing the existing bath to a new Japanese Style bathroom.

If you can read Japanese and have a chance to grab this magazine, please have a look at my article.

Thanks for reading.

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