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Hi All,

We have a new home design that is actually going to be built in South Of Auckland and is based on Houryuji, one of our standard new home plans.

Original Houryuji Design

Our client wanted to build Houryuji on a subdivided section in a newly development area they have recently bought.

Original Houryuji

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

However, we could not use the original design which conflicts the section’s development rules so we had to modify the design.

Houryuji #2

Here is the revised design

Perspective Views

The development rules state that the garage must not project forward of the front façade of a dwelling so we have changed the entire floor layout as below.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

The new design still keeps the essence of the original design such as the spacious open common space with the “bridge” above.

Actually, this design may be more functional and comfortable than the original design and the owner is very happy with that.


We would build this building by the end of this year and will report on this website once the whole construction is complete.

This design should actually fit in many subdivided sections in newly development areas across Auckland.

If you are interested in this design please contact and discuss with us.

Thank you.

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