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New Home Within Distance of Mum's Hot Miso Soup

According to REINZ’s press release on 13/7/2021, Auckland’s median house price increased by 25.0% from $920,000 in June 2020 to $1,150,000 in June 2021. This is another record. Additionally, Manukau City ($1,070,000), Rodney District ($1,194,000) and Waitakere City ($1,065,000) reached new record median prices.

The auctions led the house price increases. Auckland had the highest percentage of auctions across the country with 41.9% of properties selling under the hammer (1,160) up from 20.9% (448) at the same time last year.

Japan Homes receive many inquiries about new homes every month, and from those free consultation, we have heard that many customers, especially the first immigrants and young couples, are struggling to find a right property or section under their actual budget. It is hard to find land under $400K in Auckland anymore, therefore achieving a freestanding new home and land under $650K is quite difficult, unless it is the government’s schemed units in certain areas.

Meanwhile, developing parents-owned sections is getting an inevitable boom. The section sizes are generally between 600-1000m2, and depending on AUP Zoning and sizes, it can be subdivided into 2 to 8 lots with new dwellings. Owning all the new properties among family is good or selling some rest of them is also good.

Design & Build is our main service, so we talk with customers to understand what they want and need for families and investment planning. Designing each family’s houses with their preferences and other investment units with suitable layouts and specs can make the project most cost-effective and best satisfied. In Japan, we often say, living with “Distance where miso soup does not cool” from parents… But keeping comfortable privacy between each house is a key.

Budget planning and control are two of the most important things in land development, so throughout the project, we fully commit to it and assist our clients with comprehensive support. Our detailed fee estimations satisfy many customers and banks.

If you are starting to think about new homes and land development, please feel free to contact us at 0800 00 5055 and book a free consultation. Chinese language is available.


Written by Naco

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