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New rules allowing 3-storey housing in force

Central government’s new Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) has come into legal effect from August 18 2022. The MDRS increases the maximum number of dwellings before needing resource consent approval to three for most residential sites and introduces new standards for how properties can be developed, including allowing greater building height in relation to boundary and increased building coverage on sites.

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  • Many Auckland property owners are allowed to build up to three homes of up to three storeys, such as townhouses and terrace housing, as of right on their residential site without resource consent.

  • However, as any development has potential impacts on the environment and on other people, property owners must still comply with all other rules and standards that remain under the Resource Management Act.

  • This means it is likely that any property owner who wants to develop using the new density rules will still need resource consent approval to subdivide a site or for earthworks before construction begins.”

Auckland council is currently open to public opinions/feedbacks on this plan on their website(submissions open from 18 August to 29 September 2022) Submission from below link,

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