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Northshore New Home Project #2

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We have another on-going new Granny flat (minor dwelling) project near Glenfield, Northshore.

New 60m2 Granny Flat Plan

The new building will be located at the backyard of the property and be a rental property.

Actually, having a minor unit is great way to get rental income these day as the average property rental price is going up rapidly in Auckland.

Similar to the other new minor unit project, our planning concept is “Comfortable Living for Small Family” so we included following ideas in the plans:

  1. Relatively large and functional open plan kitchen, dinning and lounge for this size of residential building

  2. Large and functional kitchen

  3. Enough Storage (Storage and Wardrobes)

  4. North-facing Lounge and Dinning for plenty of daylight.

  5. Multi-purpose outside deck for hanging up washings, a play spot for kids, outside cooking (BBQ), etc.

Here is the 3D model of the building.

We use the weatherboard cladding which is an authentic material, easy to maintain and quick to build.

The roof is asphalt shingle which is also low-maintenance and quick-to- install material.

Below are interior views

Timber flooring in the LDK and carpet floor in the bedrooms makes a nice contrast between the public and private area in the small home.


We need Council’s final approval to start construction.

However, we have already demolished the existing structure such as a timber deck, garage, etc. to clear the building site to make sure we can start construction right after the approval is given.

Demolishing the old garage

Demolishing the old deck

These works were done quickly as we have an expert for demolition work in our team.

This guy is our expert.

If you are interested in building a new minor unit like this please feel free to contact us.

Also we can provide:

  1. free skype consultation services

  2. free booklets about successful new home build

  3. fee seminar about new home build

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皆さん, こんにちは。

現在NorthshoreのGlenfieldの近くにもう一軒グラニーフラット(Granny Flat / Minor unit)の新築案件が進行しています。





  1. このサイズの住宅のわりに大きくて機能的なオープンプランのLDK

  2. 広く機能的なキッチン

  3. 収納棚(Storage)やワードローブなど十分な収納

  4. 自然光があふれる北向きのLDK

  5. 多用途に使えるデッキ(洗濯ものを干す、子ども達の遊び場、屋外でBBQなどの調理をするなど)







現在のところ、City Councilから工事開始前の最後の認可を待っているところです。





  1. a free skype consulation both in Japanese and English

  2. a free booklet about building a new home

  3. a free New Home Seminar on Saturday April 29


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