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🏠 Residential House Stairway Design 🏠

When it comes to designing main private stairways for residential houses, adhering to proper standards and complying with the codes ensure both safety and functionality. Here are some key design guidelines to keep in mind :

1️⃣ Depth of Tread: Ensure a minimum tread depth of 280mm. This provides sufficient space for comfortable and secure footing as you ascend or descend the stairs.

2️⃣ Maximum Riser Height: Maintain a maximum riser height of 190mm. This helps prevent tripping hazards and promotes a smooth transition between steps.

3️⃣ Inclined Angle: The maximum inclined angle should not exceed 37 degrees. This allows for a gradual ascent or descent, providing stability and ease of movement.

By following these design standards, we ensure that your residential stairway meets the standard safety and comfort requirements.

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