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Resource Consent Concept Plan

How to process Concept plan with Japan Homes

During this stage, we translate your ideas and requirements captured in the Design Brief into the first drawings of what your house could look like and where.

1. Talk to us, getting your ideas together (Your wants, needs and budget. Is it for your own home or investment?)

2. We will take care of RC process and engage consultants (e.g., Architect, planner, engineers)

3. We will get Topo plans from our registered surveyor.

4. Architects provide draft concept plans, JPH and planner will review and provide comments to suit you best.

5. Owner will review and confirm the design including house layout and exterior cladding materials.

6. We will repeat steps 4-5 twice (depending on each case).

7. Once you are happy with the final concept plans, the concept plan is completed.

Who will get involved in Resource Consent?

Architect, Civil engineer, Geotech engineer, Planner, Surveyor. Traffic engineer (If needed), Landscape designer (If needed), Arborist (If needed)

Structural engineer will be engaged if we need professional advice from them at the early stage. For example, if the site is slope and needs retaining walls, we check with our structural engineer and input the advice to the RC drawings.

Why RC Concept Plan is Important?

Resource Consent is generally for Land Use and Subdivision permit. The council cares about any environmental effects and urban planning. Each AUP zoning has different rules to develop the Auckland city better.

At RC stage, the Council assesses the application whether the planning meets all the requirements under the AUP. Especially, the building size and Stormwater mitigation, building height (HIRTB), driveway and vehicle crossing position, proposed house exterior looks and internal layout positions need to be correctly designed. At later BC stage, you can modify only minor things. Any main changes may trigger RC amendment.

Therefore, RC Concept plan is the first and most important master plan for your land development. Even it takes longer than we scheduled, it’s better to think about the planning carefully and get complete satisfaction (and maybe some compromises) with the project budget.

What we care about & what we do

As a construction company, we partner with many talented architects and experienced planners and engineers. we will work closely with them to make sure all drawings are correct, and the design is achievable. Also, we check the plans with our site team (builders, foundation guys, drainlayers etc)

Many companies do not spend much time, energy, or money on preparing good concept plans for clients, which may cause errors to occur in the Building consent stage.

As builders, we will check each page of drawings, we advise clients about internal layout, bathroom and kitchen layouts, exterior specs such as cladding, roof and windows.

(Brick and weatherboard cladding below)

It also depends on the clients’ planning purposes. If it is for investment, they may want to develop the land to get max return so want to use economical specs. If the land is located in good areas, they will want to design a good-sized house with better specs.

Because we have seen and built many houses, we know the right balance of property value and house designs with specs. Our comprehensive advice and approach will satisfy you.

We also have many checklists to make sure no important information is missing in the drawings.(Example below)

Our mission is to build projects with positive social and economic benefits. It’s our duty to ensure that every client can access safe, warm, and affordable housing.

Our team colleagues are having architectural and construction backgrounds, we can provide professional advice about concept draft plans to make sure no headache will happen in the later Building Consent or construction stage.

If you are planning to start a land development project, please feel free to contact us at 0800 00 5055 today.

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