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Road To LBP Designer

Hi All,

I am aiming to get LBP designer in August 2018 and keep learning the skills and knowledge required for the LBP and would like to talk about the example of how I learn Today.

E2 Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods

As a LBP designer you have to be familiar with Building Code so I am developing knowledge in the Code and the skills to design building construction details compliant with it.

For example, there is the clause of Building Code,  “E2 Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods”,  which states how cladding and waterproofing of residential building are achieved (we call it “E2”), and I often refer to E2 to learn and design cladding detail.

Below is the metal roof detail that we have designed for one of our project:

This detail is designed based on E2

I learn these skills and knowledge while working on real design projects and believe this is the best way for me to learn because I am more motivated to acquire knowledge and pay more attention to detail to design for our clients than just study these for myself.

Next year I will report good news to get LBP on this blog (^o^)!!

Thank you for reading.

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