• Tony Liu

Six Options To Deal With A Leaky Home

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Recently a client asked us for advises about what he can do with his own home that has a water leaking problem that needs to be fixed by re-cladding.

The current condition is:

  1. The client needs more than $170,000 for re-cladding the existing house

  2. Site Area: Around 570m2

  3. Built in 1990s

  4. The clients wants to know what options are available for him with the current situation


6 Possible Options Japan Homes Offer

To answer to the client queries Japan Homes has provided 6 different options with pros and cons as listed below.

1. Renovate the house and sell

  1. There is leaking so we don’t recommend this from our experiences.

2. Sell the property as is

  1. It costs almost nothing.

  2. Time is about 3 to 4 months to sell.

  3. Revenue is medium.

3. Demolish the existing house and sell the land

  1. The cost will be about $20,000 for demolition.

  2. Total time is about 6 months for the breakdown and sales period.

  3. Revenues may be small.


If it is only to buy a land, banks are hard to lend money because it is unknown how much the purchaser costs 

money and time to build a new house, so sometimes sellers can not sell at the amount expected by the seller.


4. Demolish the existing house and build a new building then sell it

  1. You will need to have all the expenses; it can possibly cost around $600,000.

  2. Time is 12 months – 18 months including Council Consent applications, construction and sales.

  3. Revenue is small to large.


  1. This option requires the most amount of time and money.

  2. It can maximize revenue if all goes well.

  3. Considering from the investment perspective, the risk of interest and time is also high.

  4. When the market is stagnating one year later.

  5. There is still a possibility that you cannot expect much profit.

5. Sell the land with new home design

  1. The cost is about $50,000 to the design and consultation stage.

  2. Time is about 6 months (So, we will pass the contract to other companies so sales are completed.)

  3. Revenue and investment costs are low, so we can expect to maximize profit.


  1. Appeal a suitable design for the site.

  2. Deliver the best design with the scenery that fits in the environment.

  3. Proposing a floor plan with family structure with the most purchasing layer,

  4. Japan Homes have Master Builder ‘s 10 – year warranty

  5. The Japanese creates a fine home.