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The Booklet of Building A New House

Hi there,

For those who are thinking to build a new home we have created a booklet that is easy to understand the 3 most important aspects of new home build.

This booklet covers:

  1. Why to build a house (your motivation)

  2. House build options

  3. How to build a new house

Also it has Q&A sections to answer to the frequent questions that many people have at the initial stage of their home build project.

If you are interested in the booklet we can post it to your address for free(ONLY IN AUCKLAND) so please email us your name and address at

Looking for to hearing from you soon!!





  1. 住宅を建てる理由(モティベーション)の確認

  2. 家づくりの選択肢

  3. 家をつくるには・・・・


この小冊子に興味がある方は、無料で郵送させて頂きますので(オークランド市内限定)、お名前とご住所をinfo @宛にメールしてください。


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