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The fundamental principles of JAL (Japan Architect Love)

JAL (Japan Architect Love) is a recently established organization with fundamental principles that guide their approach to design. Unlike some other countries where design takes precedence, JAL's design philosophy is rooted in a Japanese perspective. Their experience in architecture abroad has taught them to value functionality and future prevention. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of respecting clients' preferences and avoiding the imposition of their own ideas.

To ensure consistency and focus in their work, JAL follows nine principles that form the pillars of their organization:


1. Emphasis on usability.

2. Provision of sufficient storage space.

3. Design for easy maintenance.


4. Prioritization of design considering both cost and functionality.

5. Consideration of timelessness, ensuring the design remains desirable even after a decade.

6. Respect for clients' preferences and needs to enhance their enjoyment of the living space.

Future prevention:

7. Design with long-term marketability in mind.

8. Use of durable materials.

9. Consideration of cost-effectiveness, including potential resale value.

JAL's goal is to collaborate with clients in creating living spaces that continue to bring smiles to residents' faces for years to come.

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