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Weatherboard Wall and Brick Wall

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Weatherboard and Brick are the two major cladding materials for our new homes.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials.


There are different types of weatherboard cladding such as timber fiber, vinyl, metal, and corrugated steel.


  1. Compared to brick houses, the cost of the weatherboard cladding is lower.

  2. Weatherboards offer good insulation in case of extreme weather conditions.

  3. Weatherboard is easier to install or build a house, and construction takes relatively shorter durations.

  4. It is easy to carry out repairs on weatherboards.

  5. Weatherboard is more tolerant of earth movements like earthquakes.


  1. Unsuitable for high-rise buildings such as skyscrapers.

  2. Timber weatherboards require more maintenance.

  3. Weatherboards are not noise proof.

  4. Weatherboard houses are also more vulnerable to heavy storms.

(Weatherboard wall construction detail plan)


Brick is another popular cladding in house construction.


  1. High durability.

  2. low maintenance costs.

  3. Brick wall is dry and leaving the house looking dry.

  4. possible to build big buildings.


  1. Brick houses require careful construction as well as involving professionals.

  2. The cost of brick house is higher than the weatherboard house.

  3. Construction of brick houses takes relatively longer time.

(Brick wall construction detail plan)

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