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HINOKISOKEN was established in 1993 by a group of Japanese skillful craftmen to produce and sell the Japanese wooden bathtubs.


Located in Gifu Prefecture, the middle of the mainland Japan, HINOKISOKEN now have more than 40 members (15 of whom are craftmen) and are providing high-end baths to a wide range of customers.


HINOKISOKEN's products have been highly appreciated in Japan as well as in other countries: Asia, Ocenia, Europe, the US and more regions coming. You will have luxurious experience and peaceful time in soaking the bath.


HINOKISOKEN now have products include O-Bath (wood + FRP), Wooden bathtub and Welfare bath (Helper Assist). 


(Please note that the price listed above serves as a reference only. The actual price may vary depending on size, materials and the final product you require. For a detailed quotation tailored to your requirements, please contact us via email at

Hinoki Wooden Bathtub

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