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クライストチャーチ地震についての家の補修について ニュージーランド 建築会社 ジャパンホームズ



Territorial Authorities(=市役所)

When crossing over to do work in other regional territories check out the local council web site for relevant information, guidelines. It is important if undertaking work within the scope of schedule one that this is reflective of the District Plan. These two documents cross over with compliance, getting it wrong with the district plan could lead to costs involved with retrospective resource consents.

Web links(各市役所問い合わせ) Hurunui District Council: Phone (03) 314 8816 Waimakariri District Council: Phone (03) 311 8900 Selwyn District Council: Rolleston Phone (03) 347 2800 Darfield Phone (03) 318 8338 Christchurch City Council: Phone (03) 941 8999 Ashburton District Council: Phone (03) 307 7700 Timaru District Council: Phone (03) 687 7200 Mackenzie District: Phone 0800 6858 514

Department of labour-useful information on rebuilding


Do not demolish a building without following due process, building owners should contact the emergency operations centre before demolition, even if the building is badly damaged. Call 03 941 8999 approval is required from the National Controller.

DBH rebuild guidance  A handy guidance document on rebuilding as published by the Department of Building and Housing

Reconstruction Establish with the homeowner whether they have house and/or contents insurance, if they do they qualify for EQC assistance.

Safe and sanitary

Repairs to make safe and sanitary can be done under the owners own authority to a value of $2000, this may include such tasks as roof repairs, water, electrical, security and safety to occupants. Where possible leave damaged materials on site should an assessor wish to view these later.

On your job file record the following: • detail a scope of works based on the homeowners instructions • take photos of before and after • detail who has given you authorisation to execute the work • client contact details • site details • your contact details, and note you are a Platinum Member of Certified Builders Association • detail material purchases, contractors and associated costs involved • create a payment claim payable to EQC PO Box 311 Wellington, 6140 • take a copy of all documents and post to the address above, keep the originals on your job files.

Non Structural: (less than $10 000)(構造ではない1万ドル以下の工事)

Homeowners are to lodge a claim with EQC, money will be paid directly to them. At this point rectification work can take place.

• document works to be undertaken as above • ensure the homeowners home insurance is still current and has been notified of rectification work • use a CBANZ small works contract [ideally two payments] • payment claims to be made out to the homeowner, remember to identify who is your client [i.e. who has received the payment from EQC]

House damage: ($10 000+) and no damage to land

• the homeowner is to lodge a claim with EQC, an assessor will establish claim value, if claim is over $100 000 +GST the homeowner’s insurance cover will make an assessment and top up the repair costs based upon the insured policy agreement. The insurance company will work with the homeowner to arrange rebuild

• if damage has been assessed by EQC as being under the $100 000+GST threshold the homeowner has the option of using the Fletcher Construction repair management service or take other means to arrange rebuild, any cost over runs with this arrangement will need to be addressed by the homeowner.

• EQR rebuild- Thoroughly read the terms and conditions to the FCC short form contract [CBANZ is currently reviewing the FCC short form contract please contact Jason at National Office for further guidance on this] engage further work orders issued under the direction of The Fletcher Construction Company Limited. Fletchers will engage with the homeowner and make necessary arrangements to enable you to execute works. Follow this link for information to become a preferred contractor CBANZ members will be placed on the short list for processing. Document the reconstruction as suggested above; keep these on your job files.

The Earthquake Employment Support Package is made up of two options: Payments for employers, who want to maintain the employer/employee relationship and needs to take time to consider the business viability:

Available to the self employed, sole trader, contractor or business owners who draw a wage. Payment will be made directly to the employer who will then pay the employee. The wage subsidy will be paid:

• for up to six weeks from 22 February 2011 at a rate of $500 per week per fulltime employee (over 20 hours per week) • or a rate of $300 per week per employee for part time employees (anyone working 20 hours a week or less)

The subsidy is not subject to GST but is subject to PAYE. If you are an employer who can operate and meet your employee obligations you do not qualify for this subsidy or your employees are receiving other income assistance.

Payments for employees where the employer has decided not to continue their business and employees are no longer able to work and/or receive a wage:

• weekly payment of $400 net for fulltime employees (over 20 hours per week) • $240 net for part time employees (less than 20 hours per week) paid over six weeks who have been displaced as a result of Christchurch’s earth quake.

For now these payments will be made for six weeks from 22 February 2011; however government will be reviewing this for further extensions.

You need to talk to your employer about whether you still have a job and can be paid. Employers can get the Earthquake Support Subsidy to assist them in paying your wages while they work out what they are going to do. If you can’t contact them and you are not working or being paid, then you can apply for the Earthquake Job Loss Cover payment.

For more information and to apply for these subsidies follow this link

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