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3 Types Of Kaizen 11/08/2019

Hi all,

I have recently realised that there are 3 types of Kaizen (improvement).

Namely, Kaizan that 

  1. Saves time

  2. Simplifies work

  3. Makes work more enjoyable

Examples of these Kaizen are:

  1. Time saving: utilize IT, make template of documentation, eliminate unnecessary work (Muda), etc.

  2. Simplifying work: Review work procedures, arrange necessary meetings, review material purchase system and costs, etc.

  3. Enjoyable work: Provide New business ideas, provide impressive options for our design and construction proposals, etc.

As a result, we can expect to have benefits including:

  1. Reduce stress, have more free time, easy to understand what to do, improve gross margin, improve Kaizen performance, increase sales contract rate, reduce operating expenses and increase imagination.

At the same time we check the performance of each department of Japan Homes:

  1. What to do and what needs to be done

  2. a monthly balance check

And we finally review each department performance in terms of that:

  1. Do you add an extra value to or improve the company’s work system in the months that there are only a few construction or design projects?

Then I believe that our work system will be pretty much clear.

Thank you.




  1. 時間短縮

  2. 業務簡素化

  3. ワクワク系



  1. 時間短縮) IT化、テンプレ化、無駄な業務排除、

  2. 業務簡素化) 作業手順見直し、必要な会議、CHをいれる、仕入れ見直し、

  3. ワクワク系) 新作、感動OPTION提案、



  1. ストレスが減る、時間ができる、わかりやすい、粗利向上、改善力UP、成約率UP、営業費削減、想像力UP



  1. 月間のやること、すべきこと、 月間収支が出ているか?



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