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Hi all,

One of our work principal is putting the “5 MUDA” within our work. We have laminated notices which we put at all of our sites for subcontractors to see and also as a reminder of ourselves

The 5 MUDA, also know as 5 types of wastes on site, are:

1. WAITING (Delays) Waiting on materials, delayed order, wait for another subcontractor

These sliding doors has to be custom made and we waited over the last Christmas period, but the finished product looks amazing.

2. DEFECTS (rework) Cause from rush work or not fully skilled, or misunderstanding. Rework wastes a lot of money and also trust from clients.

Our plasterer fixing a relocated ceiling fan after an unskilled demolition.

3. MOTION (people and equipment) excess people movement- often over a long distance, includes looking for materials and tools

Our current project on the shore, the elvated driveway is not park friendly and we are sorting out parking space for our subcontractors.

4. MOVEMENT Movements between processes include picking up tools too many times from the car

5. 2nd DISASTER Damage floor, wall. create extra work for others. Think about whether you are doing valued work or creating unpaid work?

A cable was said to be placed behind the wall but were never found, caused our electrician to open up the wall and hook up a new cable for the heating control unit.

Skilled digger driver maintening his digger after he realized there is problem with the wheel.

We are all learning from project to project therefore with these principals kept in mind and on site we educate ourselves and the subcontractors to improve altogether.

Thanks for reading

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