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568 homeless kids ….in Auckland

That is really sad story …. but I understand . The house price is so high in Auckland …and if you do not have the house , you are getting more poor ….

We are builder , we need to build more space in Auckland with comfortable and affordable. We can build up family love at home ….


Depressed little boy

Depressed little boy

The Salvation Army has published a report on homelessness in Auckland that includes a survey conducted over the last year that found 568 children were living in cars, garages, campgrounds, motels or were couch-surfing with friends and family.

The 49 page report, titled ‘Invisible in the SuperCity: hidden homelessness in Auckland’, was based around a survey of people who had approached the Salvation Army and the Catholic Church’s De Paul House for help with housing. The eleven-question survey was conducted three times for a month each over November 2014, February 2015 and May 2015 and 394 surveys involving 1,202 people were completed.

It found 634 adults and 568 children were in various states of homelessness around Auckland, with Manukau and Royal Oak showing the greatest need.

The survey asked where respondents had spent the last night and where they expected to spend the next night.

It found 13% or 151 people had slept overnight in a car, a garage or outside, including 65 children.

Overall the survey found 568 children were suffering some degree of homelessness, with 247 bunking down with family or friends, 25 in backpackers or boarding houses, 15 in camping grounds, 30 in cars, 22 in motels and 22 in garages.

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