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Addition & Alteration For Comfortable Family Living in Northshore 2017

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Before The Project

The owners of the minor unit that is shown in another gallery post also wanted to extend and renovate their main house.

The purpose of the project is to make the single-story 3-bedroom house more comfortable for their own family including their daughter with a new born baby because the existing kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms were too small (two of these were only 6-8m2) .

The parents simply wanted to provide more comfortable and happy living for their daughter and grand child.

The below described how we designed and did build work to achieve the comfortable home.


(Front View) At the back of the house we added 24m2 of new space.

The house has extended only for 2m long but it significantly changed room sizes:

Bedroom 1:6m2→13.5m2

Bedroom 2: 8m2→12m2

Bathroom: 4m2→6m2

also it has added a laundry and store space beside the kitchen, which increased the kitchen size.

(New Bedroom 1)

(New Bedroom 2)

(New Bathroom)

Details For Comfortable Living


Now the new kitchen with an open plan dinning and living has enough space with a large store space.

With a plenty of daylight and its functional design it is very easy for cooking and serving meals to the dinning.

All the appliances are from BOSCH, which is our standard selection because it provides high quality and reliable appliances.

Appliances are so important that they largely affect the quality of everyday cooking so we would like to use a good brand.

The clean white pantry cabinet provides enough store space.

This water filter tap provides clean water for the family.

Especially good for their baby’s health.


The laundry is just beside the kitchen so this is a very convenient position to access.

You can hide the washing machine and tub by closing the sliding door to keep a neat look.

The clothe line is located just outside the laundry to make everyday work easy.


We placed high quality laminated timber flooring on the floor.

This is a commercial grade flooring material with a high-level of scratch and moisture resistance, and comes with a 25 years warranty.

The floor is one of the most important parts of a house so we make sure that it requires as low maintenance as possible for a long time period.


(Wardrobe in Bed 1)

(Wardrobe in Bed 2)

Each door has a full height mirror.

The light color with the wood pattern door gives a nice accent to the bedroom interior.

The shelves provide enough store space for clothing and accessories.

Electrical Accessories

When the switch is off the LED glows to be found easily in darkness.

When the switch is off the LED glows to be found easily in darkness.

(LED powerpoints)

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