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Black And White Renovation In Manukau 2017

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In 2017 we finished a whole house renovation in Manukau.

Before Renovation

The owner bought the property and asked us for the full renovation of the interior because there was so much damage to the existing house that the old-fashioned wall paper had lots of stain and torn, the floor is not flat, bathrooms were dirty and not comfortable to use, and so much more troubles.

After Renovation

Due to the owner’s preferences we have decided to have the concept of Black & White for interior design.

Now the interior is fully renovated the young owner family with their guest are enjoying staying in the beautiful and clean living environment.


The door inside is a shoecloak.

The interior of the shoecloak.

Kitchen. We used a dark color bamboo flooring.

Nice contrast between the black benchtop, dark floor, white cabinets and light blue splashback.

Below is Lounge.

The fireplace is set in the heart of the house and the bi-hold

door provide access to the deck outside.

Main Bedroom shares the deck.

Wardrobe in Main Bedroom.

Main Bathroom. We make black and white contrast between the floor and wall tiles.

Rainwater shower.


The slatted timber partition on the top is Japanese style design (Koushi).


Upstair Ensuite Bedroom.

Upstair Ensuite Bedroom.

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