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  • Tony Liu

Borer Control

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Borer can be very serious issues for the old timber framed residential houses.

You may not notice these beetles except when they collect on the window sills or corners of the rooms in your house, but you will notice the tell tale flight holes and damage to wood around your home.

Borer Control For An Old House

Recently we have found borer damage to the existing house after we stripped the linings of the internal wall.

In the below photo you see the tiny holes made by borer

This case is not a very serious issue but we decide to provide the treatment to make sure the building can still last for decades.

As we did not want to delay our schedule of site work we immediately contacted several our partner borer control technicians and found one who could do the work on the same day.

The treatment was relatively easy and quick process – just a couple of hours and the technician provided 5-year warranty.

We have decided to provide borer control basically for all renovation work that we touch old timber framing even though there is no sign of borer damage, because want to make sure that the building will last as long as possible, and that the owner will not have to be worried about borer issues.

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