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Hi All,

There is a very useful journal for professionals in NZ building industry, namely “BUILD”.

As a architectural designer I often refer to this journal to check design detail and have learnt a lot from it because its articles are very easy to understand.

For example, NZS3604, which provide all construction & design detail of timber residential buildings based on Building Code and the the bible for builders and designers, is very hard to understand, but BUILD can explain the same things step by step in a lot clearer way than NZS3604 with lots of nice drawings like below:

(Images from BUILD wbesite by BRANZ)

These images explains how to design bracing for residential building.

NZS3604 describes the same things but, believe me, BUILD is much easier to understand.

Although you may not be a professional in building industry it can be very helpful to have a look at their articles if you are interested in building a new home or house renovation.


Thanks for reading!!

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