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Business is similar to Team Sports 27/04/2019

Hi Everyone,

I guess that people who have good results in team sports also can get good results in business.

In a business management perspective view, team sports is so similar that a director lets players with various talents and characters concentrate on one outcome.

There is a saying from Katsuya Nomura, the Japanese legend professional beaseball head coach, that

“There is a win without any reasons but there is no defeat without any reasons”

There is always a reason that you have lost in business world too so If you are not aware of it and do not train yourself you will not be a successful business person.

(Katsuya Nomura)

Also, when comparing sports and work, Most people do not understand the difference between a match (during working hours) and training (study for the future).

As work is becoming more advanced, mechanized and competitive in globalization, it is difficult to survive by just working in normal working hours and no training after hours.

I see the difference between Japanese and New Zealand Culture that there is only a few people who continues to study after becoming 20 years old in Japan while there are many in NZ.

Even some Kiwis at their age of 40s start studying or try to become a builder.

Also in Japan most people study only for qualifications and do not think much about how to be successful in business with the knowledge and skills they have gained so it sometimes seems to waste of time and resources.

Thanks for reading.

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