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Deck and Landscape Design in East Of Auckland

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you have lucky and happy ANZAC holidays!!

Japan Homes are currently engaging a whole house renovation in East Of Auckland and have been asked by the owner to design and build timber deck with a spa installed outside the kitchen area.

We would like to share our deck design with you guys so please have a look at below and give me any comments if you like!!

Existing Condition

The whole house is under construction at the moment and the photo shows the backyard.

The deck should begin from the rear entrance and expand towards the both sides of the building as well as the swimming pool to cover most of the concrete ground and walk path.

The owner wants to install a spa, pergola, bench and counter top below the kitchen window on the exterior wall.

I like the idea of the counter top so much because you can prepare meals or drinks inside the kitchen but easily serve to people outside via the counter when have BBQ, party, or just sit back and relax in the garden with some drinks ans snacks.

There is another consideration about the deck design; Approach to the swimming pool from the rear entrance.

The deck should connect to the timber platform (landing) in the photo but, as you see, the landing is not straight in the direction of the rear entrance but we would like to create this approach neatly and smart.

Our Proposed Design

Here is our design.

We put the timber deck to cover the existing concrete ground, and the bench, pergola and spa around outside the kitchen and rear entrance. There is also the counter top outside the kitchen.

From the pergola area you can have a nice view of small Japanese Garden nearby.

Here is a perspective view of the entire garden.

Approaching Stairs To The Pool Area

We have prepared the two options for the approach stairs:

One is the one already shown above (Option 1).

The other is shown below (Option 2).

Option 2 is just a straight path from the rear entrance to the landing.

You see that the connection of the stairs and landing looks a little funny.

Here is Option 1:

I think Option 1 looks smarter and more interesting than Option 2.

Which one would you like if you were the owner?

Thank you so much for reading!!

See you next week (*^o^*)!!

Please visit us at:

Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: Phone: 0800 00 5055

Please visit us at our showhome: 31A Atkinson Papatoetoe Auckland

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