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Do Not Mind About Tiny Cracks On Exterior Plaster!!

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Exterior Plaster


Would you mind if you bought a new home with exterior plaster and few years later its got some fine cracks?

Would you think these cracks are due to the trader’s fault or structure issues?


Please do not worry!! This is not often the case.

Actually, it is common that the exterior plaster has got fine cracks.

The thing is, building always moves every moment. You may not feel it moves but by wind, heat or humidity, the building moves, expand, shrink or shakes a little bit.

For example, if the strong wind hit your home it will slightly shakes.  After this happens many times it may get some fine cracks  like the photo above because the exterior plaster is solid.

The most influential factor on the plaster is heat from the sun. In New Zealand the strong sunlight provide so much heat that expand the plaster and this also causes cracking.

As lighter color reflects more sunlight I recommend you have white or light color for your exterior plaster.


Darker color absorbs more heat from sunlight so it will be more likely to have cracks.


However, even if you have a home with black color plaster please do not mind about cracks unless these are too wide like this.


There is a wall cladding system that is compulsory for all new plaster homes.

The government knows the nature of exterior plaster so provides Building codes that makes sure these homes do not have any water leaking issues.

The above pics describes what happens inside the exterior plaster wall.

You see there is thick underlay behind the surface material (plaster), and also a cavity further behind the underlay.

Rainwater simply cannot reach the timber frame, even if the plaster has cracks.

Do you know my mean? Small cracks do not matter as long as your home has a proper cladding system.

However, please note that there may be problems if:

1. Your home is old and does not have this system

2. Clack is too wide (this may be due to structural issues)

In these case you should contact an exterior plasterer for advise.

Of course, we are also happy to talk to you (*^o^*) !! We can come repair anywhere in Auckland!!

Thanks a lot for reading!!!

See you at next post!!

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