• Tony Liu

Extension Design For Happy Family Living 21/04/2018

Hi there,

Our new project is to design attractive communal space in an extended home where everyone gathers to have happy family living together.


110m2 Extension Design In Central Auckland

Our client is living in a relatively old house with many kids and wants to extend the house for more bedrooms and family space.

Here is the existing home.

Even though there is some space in the basement, the ground floor, the main part of the building, is too narrow for such a big family.

(Ground Floor Plan)


Below is the proposed floor plan.

(Proposed Ground Floor Plan)

We add the new extension at the back of the existing building.

Our concept is that although each family member can have their own bedroom they are supposed to stay in public space (around Living, Dining and Kitchen) together with the other family members.

We would not like the situation in which everyone stays inside their bedroom a whole day and no communication between them.

There is a large kitchen, PC/study space and lounge with a fireplace and TV in the public space so everyone can have their own activity but still, they stay in one big space.

The kitchen is the centre of the home. During cooking the parents can easily see what is going on around the home.

(Proposed 3D image)

This is our design for our client’s happy family living.